E-Z MATIC Pet Doors®

The simplicity of its design makes it EASY-TO-USE.


We have found E-Z MATIC Pet Door® to be the safest of all doors tested. There is no way for a pet to get its head or tail caught in the E-Z MATIC®. It is also the most weather tight of all doors tested. The harder the wind blows, the tighter the E-Z MATIC® fits against the surface on which it is installed.

Super Quiet!

The simplicity of its design makes it EASY-TO-USE. Throughout Canada and the United States, thousands of dogs and cats are using the E-Z MATIC Pet Door® as though it were the most natural thing in the world for them to have a door of their own.

It Just Works

The E-Z MATIC Pet Door® is guaranteed against defective materials or workmanship.

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Works Great on Breeding Kennels!

Pictured here is a breeding kennel equipped with the E-Z MATIC® self-operating pet doors. Since these doors were installed the savings on fuel and cleaning expense in the kennel operation has been tremendous. The windswept rainstorms, blizzards, and below-zero weather of the Iowa climate are no longer a problem.

Still the Best Over All the Rest!

  • Performs Flawlessly
  • Completely SAFE for your pet
  • Quiet
  • Most Economical
  • Weather Proof

Does the trick like nothing else!

The tough, long lasting rubber is a special chemical compound designed for E-Z MATIC Pet Doors®. Completely weather resistant ... it will operate well in either extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

The Least Expensive ... Most Effective ... Safest Way to provide your pets with their own Entrance/Exit

Any size pet ... large dog ... tiny kitten ... uses E-Z MATIC® with equal ease. Training time? Practically none! Pets love it ... they take to E-Z MATIC® on their own almost instantly!

Sweeps off mosquitoes and bugs as pet passes through the door!

You can install the E-Z MATIC Pet Door® over any opening ... easily. It takes just minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver. Every E-Z MATIC® installation looks professional ... actually adds to the appearance of your home or kennel!

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