E-Z MATIC Pet Doors®

Installation Instructions

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


It's ready for your pet to use!
Soft, tough rubber panels close instantly and quietly.

NOTE: Because E-Z MATIC® is installed over the opening, the opening for any model may be smaller than maximum, if preferred.

If you have several pets living together, select a Model that will accommodate your largest pet. Smaller animals can use the same door.

For maximum comfort, install the E-Z MATIC Pet Door® LOW for small dogs (3 or 4 inches from the floor for Dachshunds) and HIGH for tall dogs (10 or 12 inches from the floor for Irish Wolfhounds).

Where possible, the TOP OF OPENING should be at least 2 inches or more higher than the top of your dog's shoulders (withers).

The tough, long lasting rubber is a special chemical compound designed for E-Z MATIC Pet Doors®. Completely weather resistant ... it will operate well in either extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

Optional Anodized Aluminum Closure Panel for the times you would like to block the door.

Optional Frame for mounting door to irregular surfaces or just to dress up the looks.

Replacement Panel Kits: If your E-Z MATIC Pet Door® Panels become worn or damaged, there is no need to replace the entire door:

  • Low cost replacement panel kits are available for you to install. Or ...
  • Send us your rails and remittance and we will factory install your repair panels free!

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